About Us


The Sandalwood Sanctuary is owned by Paul and Anne Mock. Originally a family dairy farm from 1989 to 1999, it has since been converted to Indian Sandalwood production and a wildlife sanctuary.


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Paul and Anne, along with their four girls, have set about creating a place to be a true sanctuary for the family and for others. They see it as a place to refresh, renew and reflect on our Creators work around us. They love native birds and animals and because they live next to bushland near the river, the place is packed with the local wildlife. A large dam was created to capture irrigation water from the Sandalwood plantations and is used to irrigate the two hectares of lawn and gardens.

The first five-hectare Sandalwood Plantation was planted in 2000, and since 2005 they have been growing plantations for other private investors. The last planting was completed on trickle irrigation in 2015. Major harvesting began in 2014 and first commercial harvest for private investors began in 2020.